France Tour Guide Jobs

Since the earliest days of history France was a center for travelers, and now is the most visited country in the world. Every year France is visited by over 82 million tourists. France is famous for its rich architecture, castles, art, wine, perfumes, champagne, cognac, vineyards, and cheese. Every region has its special attractions, kind people and excellent tourist offer. Other than being a top tourist destination it is a country with stabile economy and perfect for those in search of job in tourism and hospitality.

Tour Guide in Cellars

We are looking three tour guides with the knowledge of English, French, and one more language, either German, Spanish or Italian. You will be responsible for guiding tours through cellars as well of wine tasting and sales. You should have a degree and at least two years of experience. 

Metier du Rome

Metier du Rome agency is looking to hire a licensed tour guide to work in Paris and Normandy. The right candidate has to speak English language fluently. Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is an advantage. In order to apply one should have at least three years of experience. 

Grand Circle Cruise Line

Grand Circle Cruise Line agency is looking to hire an experienced tour guide who is willing to work on our Siene and Rhone cruises. In order to apply you should have passion for people, country, culture and traditions. It is obligatory to speak English fluently, and at least have Baccalaureat degree. 

Your Dream Guide

Your Dream Guide is looking for a tour guide with knowledge of Portuguese language who can guide tours in Paris for Brazilian tourists. This is a great opportunity if you would like to work as a freelancer, and you are an entertaining and friendly person.

Paris Scooter Tours

The company Left Bank Scooters is looking for someone who can lead small group scooter tours in Paris. Applicant must be friendly, energetic, hard working, punctual and reliable. Experience in riding motorcycles is required. It is an advantage to have previous tour guiding experience. Full time positions are available.

Left Bank Scooters

Left Bank Scooters company is looking for friendly and charismatic person to lead small group scooter tours of Nice and surrounds. Applicant must have motorbike license, and be ready to live in the Nice area. Knowledge of Nice area and history is required. Previous experience as a tour guide is an advantage. Knowledge of English language is a must, and every other language is an advantage. We offer full time and part time job positions.   

CJ Tours

CJ Tours is looking a shopping tour guide located in Paris, France. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic, knowledgeable in fashion and home design arena. This job is perfect for those who love flexible time jobs. It is an advantage to have tour guide experience, English and French language knowledge, knowledge of local geography. Tour guide must have good interpersonal skills, and a college degree.

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